Thursday, December 9, 2010


Does it bother anyone else when people pronounce wikipedia like this: wik-a-pedia? I know it bothers me every time I say it that way. There is a pretty obvious -i- right in the middle there. What is a wiki anyway? A wookie youth nearing puberty?

Wookies aren't real.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I hate trying to think of something relevant to put here

Do any of you have a favorite meal? A perfect combination of foods that you crave even when you are full? Steak and potatoes? Burger and fries? Foie gras and escargot?

Me too. Mine is chocolate milk and a salted nut roll TM.

When it comes to making dinner, I suck. Breakfast is easy. I either A. Skip it, B. Cereal/granola bar, or D. Chocolate milk and a salted nut roll. If you think there should be another option in there, you're wrong. That option is dead to me and has been stricken (struck? stracked?) from the record.

Lunch is easy too. The hardest part is choosing which fast food restaurant to feel sick at. I like to switch it up often, keep my stomach guessing so it remains too confused to feel sick.

Dinner is a fickle beast, however. By fickle beast I mean it's a pain. I can't just eat granola bars because I would just be hungry 20 minutes later and I can't go out because I am too lazy and poor to do it twice. Which leaves me with... TV dinners. I'm pretty sure TV dinners are made with the cheapest ingredients known to man (or woman) but it's ok because they pass the savings on to the consumer. You get a meal for like 2 bucks. In a basic TV dinner, you get some meat substitute, some potato substitute, a vegetable, and a desert. Sometimes. Some companies tend to leave out the vegetable and desert, which is fine by me. Who eats that stuff anyway?

Well, this topic got boring fast.