Thursday, December 9, 2010


Does it bother anyone else when people pronounce wikipedia like this: wik-a-pedia? I know it bothers me every time I say it that way. There is a pretty obvious -i- right in the middle there. What is a wiki anyway? A wookie youth nearing puberty?

Wookies aren't real.


  1. "Wiki" means quick. And only asians/hawaiians know how to pronounce this word properly!!

  2. No but the one thing that does bother me is when people say comfterble. And when are you going to write about famed experiences of restless nights, Chancho? I want to laugh at work again. Oh and this weekend is going to be awesome!

    Also, I hate having to type in a verification word that isn't actually a word, but merely seven letters that may or may not resemble a word. I think they want me to mistype it just to frustrate me.

  3. Funny thing, they didn't make me type one! Now the internet is learning and will soon become self aware and take over the world.

  4. You know what I hate? I hate it when people write "loose" weight instead of "lose" weight. I don't know why-it's kinda like scraping your fingernails down a blackboard. I mean really, when I read that, I think of fat rolls jiggling-not a pretty picture. It's the proofreader in me, I guess. (how's that for a totally random comment?)