Saturday, June 2, 2012

Epic Milestone!

Congratulations are in order! This is my 50th blog post!

Actually, it's the 67th, I just wanted you to feel excited about reading it. Sorry if it's a total letdown.

School got out a few weeks ago, and afforded me a small break to accomplish many wonderful things. So naturally, I did nothing. Well, that's not true. I did stuff, but nothing world-changing. Yet.

Mainly, I rekindled my past love of disc golfing. When I was in high school, a disc golf course opened up near the college campus. My friends and I took up the sport, and spent many hours "hitting the links" or whatever the parlance is these days. I graduated and headed off to college to engage in greater (lesser?) things, and promptly lost all interest and skill in disc golfing. Until now! (I started listening to Dave Matthews Band again too. Think what you will.) 

I tell you what, it's been a pretty good way to start getting back in shape. There is a decent course near my workplace, and it has pretty challenging holes, with a creek running through the middle. And notwithstanding the beer-guzzling hordes (we try to go at 8 am, where hangovers and sunlight take care of most of 'em) it's great being out in nature and away from stress triggers. Like I-15.

Right now my go-to disc is the Groove, by Innova.

It's got pretty good distance, and it tends to go straighter than other discs. I've got a few other discs that bend left or right, to help with those pesky shrubberies! I've really noticed that paying attention to the specs on the disc has helped my game considerably. Instead of trying to guess where the disc will end up when I throw it, I can know generally where it will end up and plan accordingly (Except for those crazy errant throws that could end up who knows where).

Anyway, blah blah, I know how boring it is when people talk about stuff that isn't interesting. I do, however, recommend that you find a few discs and a course and go disc golfing. You might find yourself... well... in a ditch trying to make a wild throw through 15 cottonwood trees. Maybe that's just me.


Favorite kind of foot: A clean foot.  Runner-up: Fruit-by-the-foot.
Favorite pants: The green ones I stole from my brother a few weeks ago. Thanks bro!

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