Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Along with my not having anything to write about, my computer decided to rip its cord apart and lose its charge, leaving me unable to blog. "But Chancho, what about blogging on your iPhone that you so generously bragged about?" Yeah yeah, I know. It's too small to write on in any detail, so... you win, Android.
The other day I was ranting about deaf cats, and my friends were like "You should blog about that!" That's when I remembered that I had a blog. So I decided to use it. To take over the world!!! No way, taking over the world would be way too much work. I mean, evil people talk about it all the time, but really? The infrastructure that it would take to run the world would be craaazy complex. Plus the logistics. Oh the logistics! So that's out.
What I think evil people should do is more subtle. I think they should take over the media and the movie and music industries and then overproduce and under-perform everything. Oh wait. Mission accomplished.
Anyway, perhaps I will be able to keep up on everything now. Don't expect much!

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