Thursday, February 28, 2013

Random junk

I've got a serious problem.

I can't stop listening to electro-pop. And Creed.

Maybe this is one of those "First World Problems" I hear so much about on social media. You know, the ones that say something like, "Waited 7 minutes in the drive-thru line at Burger King. Car temp went from 70 degrees to an uncomfortable 73. hashtag, firstworldproblem" Or something like that. I don't know what the kids are talking about these days. Besides electro-pop.

Actually, I do know what the kids are talking about. Justin Bieber. Take Facebook for example. It seems like the people my age group (and older!) don't use the 'Like' button as much as some of the younger people do. At least I tell myself that when something legitimately funny that I post only gets 2 likes and some dumb crap by Justin Bieber gets 15 gajillion likes. "OMG white skinny jeans 4 orphans." Click and like. Who cares if you are on Oprah, Bieber?? Huh? Get a haircut. No, Bieber! Not that one! A normal haircut. That's better.

I forgot where I was going with any of this. I went through a phase a few weeks ago where all I listened to was Creed's greatest hits, and I think that did something to my brain. I also mumble half the things I say, and my singing voice has gotten significantly huskier. It really made things interesting last week when I was singing along to Britney Spears' greatest hits (not her actual greatest hits. Just the ones I think are great). Britney would have sold a million more albums if her voice was an octave deeper.

Alright, well I think I wasted about 12 potential blog posts with the content in this one. Sorry bout that. Had a big test today and I pretty much studied all night for it. Tune in next time for when I talk (complain?) about how much I complain.

A little about me:

I complain. A lot.

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