Monday, February 25, 2013


I just checked my Google AdSense account, and I've made 11 cents! In 2 years! Forget school, I think I've found my new day job.

Actually, I better wait until I've made at least 40 cents. Then I can just live off the interest.

So this morning I was waiting for the bus, and like usual it was late. This bus comes every fifteen minutes, but it is always 8-12 minutes late (or 3-7 minutes early? I don't know. I've never tried to catch the first one). Anyway, I spent the whole morning trying to connect the bus number (#2) with fiber and being regular, but I couldn't do it. My best one was: "Hey UTA! Why don't you add some fiber into the transit system so your #2's are more regular!" Yeah, pretty crappy. Ha! Let's see how many poop puns I can make: ... uh, hmmm.... looks like just the one. Bummer. If you can link all those into a better joke, I'll give you a third of my AdSense revenue to date. You can retire early!

Something about me profile status update or whatever:

I need a girlfriend.

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