Monday, July 4, 2011

Caveat Lector

Wow, it only took a few weeks to run out of stuff to write about this time.
I was reading some of my older posts from last year... and I discovered that they make no sense whatsoever. No sense. It's like I go from one thought to the next without even trying to bridge them together. I couldn't even understand half of it... and I wrote it. It's like an evil scientist gave a chimpanzee the ability to type, and then forced him to type out everything on a laptop. Maybe I'm the evil scientist, and you all were reading the ramblings of my chimp, Buggles. Maybe I'm Buggles. I'll never tell...

So yeah, sorry about that. I think sometimes I try to be too clever, and it totally backfires. I used to tell jokes to my family and friends, and they would either not laugh, or give a weak pity laugh, or spontaneously combust. The reason, I believe, was that the jokes were too funny. You know a joke is good when, right at the punchline, the victims ask you to define a few key words. How am I supposed to know that people don't use words like caveat or know exactly what a writ of habeas corpus is? I mean, come on. You can't count the number of great habeas corpus jokes. At least not on one hand. Latin words are always the funniest. Those ancient Romans were always doing crazy hilarious stuff. One day they were building miles of aqueduct, the next they were throwing people in an arena filled with lions. Ha-ha! Good one, ancient Romans. Making an aqueduct, those goofballs. What are they gonna do next? Make a horse-powered cheese grater?

What? There are no more Romans? Hey, buddy. Last time I checked there was a big ol' city over in Europe named Rome. So you tell me who lives there, ok buddy? It sure as heck ain't just Europeans.

Well, this post has pretty much run its course. Like the Tiber through the... Nah, it's done. Goodnight.

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