Tuesday, July 12, 2011

These theeeemes go on when I... you get the picture

Today I remembered what I titled my last blog post, and I ended up listening to Heart for a while. Those ladies can rock the house down. That's for sure.
I've been thinking that maybe my blog should have a theme. Everyone else has a theme. Why can't I? The problem is that most blogs have good themes, like crafts or scrapbooking or book summaries. I am not good at any of these things. The extent of my craftitude involves hanging a poster on the wall, or drawing dorky cartoons of a flying orange on random scraps of paper. I just barely learned that macrame was some sort of decorative way of tying knots. I always thought it sounded like a French method of execution. (Oui Oui! He shall be macremed, at ze dawn!) The only loose themes I have going on here are that many commercials are really stupid, and I hate it when people run around and scream outside my house. One can only write about these things so often (Only twice, technically, although somehow I've made it into several dozen posts). Themes are what keep these blogs alive, and without one, my blog is withering away, like a daffodil in front of a flamethrower. Like a muscle, trapped in the confines of a plaster cast. Like a raccoon, squashed flat, on the side of the highway. Shucks, I always take it one metaphor too many. Anyway, if anyone can think of a good theme, something that I might be good at writing about, please let me know. I promise your suggestion will go unpunished.

By the way, those Swiffer commercials that have hijacked "What About Love," by Heart... well, I could go without seeing another one of those. Great song though.

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