Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm back! But for how long....?

I've been on hiatus while other pressing matters have taken up most my writing time (Insert bad pun about making apple juice or olive oil, or similar "pressing matter"). An official "I'm Sorry" goes out to that one person who checked the blog during the time I didn't post. Although that could have been me accidentally. In that case... I forgive myself. And yes, I inserted that last bit in that fake pun note because I was afraid some of you might not get it at first.

Anyway, the problem with writing about nothing is that there really isn't anything to write about. So here goes nothing!

Lately I've been thinking about starting a T-shirt company. Along with about 15 million other unemployed young people. I feel like I have a lot of great ideas that could be summed up in one sentence strategically located on a T-shirt. A great T-shirt needs a succinct phrase paired with an awesome picture depicting that phrase awesomely. My biggest problem is that my drawing skills top out at stick figures with different hair and capes. Which, as you can assume, severely limits my slogan potential to "Hair and Capes!" or "My hair matches my cape" or "My other hair is a cape."  Stuff like that. Yeah, not great. So maybe that idea is out, at least until I can get some drawing practice in.

I've also wanted to get back into music. Unfortunately my singing skills have only been tested on three or four songs on RockBand (100% - aw yeah!), after which I am usually gasping for air/water and my range is limited to that song by the Crash Test Dummies. You know that song with all the mmmmmmms? Yeah, that song. Look it up. And it only takes one Mariah Carey song to get to that point, so I'm probably not cut out for that. And don't get me started on guitar. RockBand is zero help on that front. None. Real guitars aren't color-coded, FYI.

So I am left to my last option. Go back to school and learn a ton about computers and electronics and stuff and eventually replace my arms and legs and whatnot with robot parts so I can become the next stage of human evolution and wage battle with all evil everywhere and become the hero that Earth needs (That sentence was too great to be considered a run-on right?). Although, in my experience (watching movies) cyborgs are generally a bad idea. But stereotypes are meant to be challenged, and rectifying the cyborg stereotype falls squarely on my carbon fiber titanium alloy shoulders (with built in rocket launcher action!).

Well, to end this pretty pointless post perfectly (and no, alliteration does not count) here is a new segment so you can get to know me better:


Favorite Punctuation: the parenthesis

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