Sunday, January 1, 2012

Not very entertaining

Well, fantasy football is coming to an end and I am going crazy right now. I'm in the championship game and I have three Cowboys players on my team. Unfortunately, my opponent Sanchez has 2 Cowboys players on his team, and they are the only ones scoring points right now. This stupid game gives me more grief than my real problems. Haha. Ha.

So I'll try to focus on writing something important while chewing my nails off and keeping one eye on the television screen.

I want to know if telekinesis is possible. Even if it requires a huge clunky machine, it would be so awesome. You could just use your telekinesis to move the clunky machine! Unless that violates some rule, like how on the Star Wars LEGO video games you can't use the force to lift a platform that your character is standing on. Yeah, probably not possible.

What is "free-range chicken"? A stove is also called a range, and that sounds like animal cruelty.

What does "bawitdaba" mean?

Gary Busey?

I tried to warn you that I wasn't going to be able to write anything good this time.



Favorite Ice Cream: Heath Bar

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