Thursday, June 16, 2011


I think if I did more real things, I would have more real stuff to write about. Unfortunately, I don't do anything except work and sleep, and that stuff is not that cool. But I can write anything that comes from my


Spell check tells me that that is not the correct way to spell imagination. Not very imaginative! Sometimes I daydream about having super human powers, usually super strength or the power of flight. What would I do with these powers ye ask? Mayhap fight hordes of villains? Nay, I would never be stopped at those stupid stoplights that let two cars through and then instantly turn red. I hate stoplights. Especially when people only use them as a general guideline and not the law. I'm trying to get through this ridiculous short light and some dumbo is sitting in the middle of the intersection waiting to make a left turn on a light that has been through 5 red-green cycles. This person is inevitably yapping on their phone, picking their nose, making out/fighting with their boyfriend/girlfriend/marmoset. When I was younger I would get so impatient at these lights I would imagine a steering wheel popping out of my mom's seat, and the van turning magic-school-bus-style into a rocket powered super vehicle. I would snap out of my beautiful reverie just in time to see us pull right into the driveway! Not. We would be at the same gosh dang intersection, waiting on someone yakking on a ham radio or whatever the heck they had back then instead of cell phones. Anyway, be a considerate driver or whatever lesson you want to take from this. Keep your dreams alive. Nah that's still not it.

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