Monday, June 27, 2011

You probably won't be able to guess the subject of this post until the end. Or ever.

I've been waiting these past few days for someone to come out and challenge my previous post like this, "Gossip Girl doesn't air on Monday!" To which I would wittily reply, "Hey! Do you think I got the time to fact check all day? Huh?" Yeah that's as witty as I get. So to get to the root of this dastardly quandary, I created a few theories. 1. Gossip Girl airs on Monday. This coincides with the "I am always right" theory. 2. Gossip Girl is rerun on Mondays. See adjoining theory above. 3. No one reads my blog. This falls in the "Lame/Depressing" category of theories. 4. My readers are just as clueless about Gossip Girl as I am. This is placed in the "Not likely" category, seeing as mostly girls read blogs. Without theories, all of humanity would be lost in the dregs of illiteracy and despair.
Sorry if I'm being a little dramatic. People close to me (momsie) have told me in the past that they don't much like some of the writing in my blog. Specifically, how I tend to rant about everything. I personally don't see any problem with it. If you got something on your chest, it's usually better to get it off. This is especially true with spiders. Plus, sometimes a good rant reminds people of something that annoys them as well. That way, they can get it off their chest too. (Unless I'm ranting about supporting undergarments. Those are best left on the chest. Although I don't see myself mentioning those. Ever.) So every once in a while... Wait just a gosh darn second! Am I ranting about ranting? Tarnation. I guess this post is over.


  1. Gossip Girl does, in fact, air on monday.

  2. Hmmm. Maybe I did research it. It was 10 months ago. Proving Theory in to Law one step at a time!