Thursday, June 30, 2011

That TotM

I was watching Keeping up with the Kardashians for a bit today, and I thought about writing about it... but then I realized that there really isn't anything there to write. It's more something to be ashamed of, I guess. The main thing I've noticed is that they are always screaming and crying at each other.
Warning! Sensitive issue following: As a man, I tend to attribute this behavior to, erm, "that time of the month." (Don't get mad at me! Every man thinks this exact same way. They just are too scared to say it in a public forum. I'm already regretting it/ and fearful.) Now, I know nothing about this... uh, what do I call it... Condition? Symptom? I've heard the rumor (fact?) that women who spend a lot of time together tend to "synchronize watches," so to speak.
All I know is that whenever I watch K upwitda Ks it seems like they film during that terrible week when it is that "time of the month."  That or the Kardashians are on some sort of crazy monthly rotation schedule. Yeah I am seriously starting to regret typing any of this.

Let's talk about grammar. Well, read about grammar. Pontificate about grammar? (I'm using pontificate in its informal sense: to mouth off. Look it up) Specifically, the unspoken rule that we never end a sentence with a predicate. (It's unspoken because we write it)  For example:

Laquinta: Yo, this is where the partay's at!

This is wrong. So so so wrong. Laquinta, despite being a third year law student at Columbia, made the classic mistake of ending her sentence with a predicate! She would be laughed out of any court room with that grammatical gaffe. Let's see how an expert does it:

Ledorito: This is where the partay's at, yo!

Much better. Ledorito ends his sentence with an exclamation, thus driving the point, that 'this is where the party is,' straight home.

So there is a lesson for you. Two actually, if you count the first lesson about not writing on the #1 taboo subject. And a challenge: I challenge you to go through this post and find every grammatical error. The first person to do so correctly will earn a swift punch to the gut! Happy finding!

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