Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Did I mention that...

I hate loud people? Well I do. I rarely use the 'h' word, unless I'm condemning people to there. I say 'hate' all the time. I live at a place with a lot of lusty youth (For all those confused people, Miriam-Webster defines lusty as 'vigorous' and 'healthy.' It also defines it as 'full of lust.' I mean both in this case. (Side note: Ever wonder if Miriam-Webster was either the first names of a vocabulary driven couple, or the last name of a modern and progressive married woman? Chew on that)). All these lusting hormones have one outlet. The vocal cords. Shouting, screaming, laughing, barking, breathing, coughing, up to three in the morning. It is an aneurysm inducer for sure (Yep, my iPhone could spell 'aneurysm' without my help. And I am one of those jerk iPhone owners that is always shoving it in other people's faces. Sorry, but not really). Maybe everyone here grew up in the city, where anything louder than a mutter got a "Hey! I'm sleepin' 'ere! Shutcha dirty mout'! Ahh fahgettaboutit." And maybe 30 or so curse words. I, on the other hand, grew up in Nowheresville, USA, where we could scream, yell, and cry, and no one would hear us. Not even mom. We were field dressing battle wounds by age 4. (Just kidding ma, love you!) Anyway that's my theory on why kids these days are so bleeping loud. More theories to come.

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