Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Comment on this, suckas!

So I've noticed a little something as I've been obsessing over the stats page. I have almost 300 page views (generously rounded up), but only about 9 comments total. I assume that it is because people are so in awe of my wisdom that they instantly reach Nirvana, and thus are above base things like blogs, but most likely people close out the window before they are done reading because of disgust/having better things to do.

Challenge!!!! If you think you got something better to say than me, then I want to hear it. Hit me up wit some comments, dawgs! Mostly so I can plagiarize them. Naw... But I will give you a featurette under your own made up name! And as a gift, I will post some of my best movie and sitcom ideas. Well, not the best. They would totally get plagiarized. Have at ye!


  1. I'll comment on your blog. I love it when people comment on mine. To me, comments are like clean sheets and shaved legs...
    but I don't think you can quite relate to that.

    I always thought my job should be a sitcom. My boss and I argue so much it makes the patients and our coworkers laugh. We are pretty dang funny, if I do say so myself.