Monday, September 27, 2010

This is what I think about.

Have you ever been reading a book and suddenly come to the realization that you blankly looked over several pages without reading a word? Have you ever been driving your car... (No, I've been driving my cattle. Of course I'm driving a car! Duh. Well sorry! It could have been a motorcycle, jerk.) Anyways, have you ever been driving your vehicle, get to your destination, and not remember how the heck you got there? Well stop doing that. It's dangerous. What if you came to in the middle of an important intersection between two complex subplots? You would have no idea what was going on, and have to skip back a bunch. Have you noticed that no one pays attention anymore? I haven't either. What with all the text chats and facewalls, all everyone does is stare down into their device of choice. I know I do. I got this sudoku game, haven't done anything worthwhile since. Except cure SARS!! Muahahaha! What? SARS was just an Asian myth? Like their dragons and driver's education programs? Well shucks.

(Note to anyone who hasn't stopped reading my blog due to being offended/bored: I am not racist/sexist. I am actually a Latina. Ok that was a lie, but this is the truth. I believe that anyone can do anything. Example: Arnold Schwarzenegger. He got super ripped, learned English, made tons of movies, and even had a baby himself! Point proven. And another thing... Most of what I write is just to get a cheap laugh from my ridiculous friends (you know who you are...). I don't even mean any of it. So put that phone down before you call the political correctness police and have a good time!)

(PS. My sister warned me that I was too edgy, and she referred a lot of people over here. Consider yourselves warned as well.) <- one eyed smiley face)

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