Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random junk

Ever get that feeling that someone is watching you? Well I don't. That's called being paranoid, people. No, I get the feeling that someone, somewhere, is thinking the exact same thing that I am thinking at the exact same time. Now that is scary! What if your brainwaves crossed with that person, and then it turned into a Freaky Friday/Faceoff type of experience where you switched consciousnesses? Yeah it might be awesome, for a few hours, or at least until you realized that your priceless Beanie Baby collection which you have been collecting since the 3rd grade may be lost forever to that random person who probably doesn't even use hand sanitizer. Alright, enough of that. Another list~!

Top 5 most annoying generic jokes:
1. Why did the chicken cross the road? jokes.
       Chickens are stupid.
2. Dead baby jokes.
       Funny in 7th grade. Disturbing in all other grades.
3. Knock knock jokes.
        Funny 1 time out of 100, but usually involve either an orange or a really bothersome interrupting cow.
4. Your mama jokes.
        Ain't nobody talkin' bout my mama. Fool.
5. Are there even 5 kinds of generic jokes? Erm... How about the Family Circus comic strip? That one is never even close to funny. Yeah little kids say dumb stuff and frazzle their moms and dads. Big deal. Show me something original for once. On the contrary, a special shout out to Frank and Ernest for their weekly amusing wordplay! Bravo gents!


  1. AIDS jokes? Funny until you crack one to someone with 1 parent left cuz of AIDS. Then it's not funny at all. No sir. Not funny.

  2. Or this joke...Why do they call it homework? You're not working on your home.
    Not funny Ma-TT! (The Rocker reference)