Monday, September 20, 2010

What's in a name?

Don't you hate it when you spend a ton of time thinking of the perfect name for your blog/email address/child, only to find out that it has already been taken? I originally wanted my URL to be in honor of my XBox 360 gamertag, but alas, sledgefest was already taken. By some group actually holding a sledgefest (whatever that is, in real life, I don't wanna know). Oh and by the way, that blog hasn't been posted on for a year and a half. Bummer. Then I tried to do (Mangchi is Korean for hammer). Yeah, some Korean guy made that blog in '04, and had the stamina to do a whopping one post before he quit. So all the creative titles and URLs that I wanted were gone. Now, without a workable title, the website intervenes, usually with a few options for titles. Hey! Why don't you use ChanchoVilla(Birthday)(Social Security Number) as your URL?! Email services tend to do this too. is already in use. Sledgefest(ATM pin number) is available! Thanks, Information Super Highway! Why don't I just tattoo my bank account numbers and the answer to my 'secret question' on my forehead! Ridiculous.

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  1. I was so excited when I 'found' the name for my kid in one of the family history books that Grandma gave us. TOTALLY original...never heard it for a first name. Well, whatdoya know, show up for church the Sunday we blessed him and a new family is welcomed to the ward...kid is 3 weeks younger than my kid...with the same name. GEEZ!