Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fantasy World

My coworkers and I can't stand summer sometimes. It's hot, there is a lot of work to do, and the TV sitcoms are all reruns and junk. But we can't stand summer mostly because the only sports highlights on TV are from baseball games. Boooorrrinng. I mean, baseball has been around for like 150 years (don't look it up and correct me, jerks), so anything amazing or cool has already been done. How many different ways can a guy in tight white pants catch a ball in a glove? Uh, how about one? And don't tell me that football or basketball have been around just as long. Keep it to yourself. Anyway, when fall finally comes around every real man gets a special feeling. A feeling that can only mean... Fantasy Football! Yeah baby! Ladies, fantasy football to guys is like crafts and scrap-booking to you. Nobody knows why, it's just something we do. (Non scrap-crafting ladies... you've just been stereotyped. Same with you scrap-crafting dudes. Sorry). If you don't know how fantasy football works, you probably fall into one of the groups above. Google it and become enlightened! My team is looking pretty good this year. I'm 2-0 heading into the third week, with my team projected to lose each time. I could talk about this all night on here, but this is all I talk about at work, so I'm done. Stay sweet.


  1. Yeah, I agree about the sitcom thing. I haven't seen a good Family Guy Episode in almost 4 months. I'm going dry, man. I'm going dry.

  2. Finally Community is back! Oh and nobody cares about your fantasy team but you. I totally beat you last year and look forward to handing you another crushing defeat at the hands of the Razorback backfield circa 2006-2008. Now where's Matt Jones?...