Thursday, September 16, 2010

I play online computer games...

...When I'm really bored.
Back when I was in college (to everyone that is still in college: ha ha), I used to play this dumb game on facebook called Bedazzled or something. That game with all the gems that you gotta spin around and match up. You know what I'm talking about. Anyway somehow my mom finds out about this game and we start to have a little feud on it. She'd post a score of 200,000 and then I would blow that out of the freakin' water with a 300,000, and so on. It was great fun until she started kicking my butt every week, then I quit. It was a waste of time anyway.
I also played this online MMORPG (Don't ask me what it stands for. If YOU know, then comment! Nerd.) called Evony. It was a really dark time in my life. I am definitely not logged in right now and not upgrading my sawmills. Crap. Basically you build a medieval town and train warriors and take over other people's towns. The catch is... you can't actually see any of it. I mean, you can see the buildings and junk in your town, but the wars and all the good stuff are all invisible. And every once in a while it'll pop up an ad that says something like, "It sure is boring around here. Why don't you invite your friends over for some wenching!" Yep, I don't have a girlfriend. No wenching around here. :(

Other than wasting 6 hours a day on iPhone games, I'd say I pretty much kicked my game addiction.

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  1. Hey Austin! Saw your little advertisement for the blog on FB. Pretty cool! Blogs are fun. And when people comment, you feel special.
    So I hope you feel special!
    Have fun with this.

    And good job on kicking the gaming habit. My hopeless addictions are reading blogs and checking up on FB.

    and sugar.