Sunday, October 10, 2010

Things that make me happy

 To show people that I don't hate everything (Ed. note: I don't) here are some cool things about the world.
1. Winning. Doesn't matter what, as long as I win I am happy. It could be a pick up basketball game. It could be the chance to decorate a cake with Martha Stewart. At least it would mean a free trip to wherever Martha Stewart lives. Martha's Vineyard perhaps? I don't know.
2. A solid meal. That's why Cracker Barrel is an awesome restaurant. You get a delicious, well proportioned meal for a decent price. And you can play that triangle game where if you leave more than four golf tees you are an eeg-no-ray-moos. Or something.
3. Music (that isn't rap, country, screamo, metal, or anything else that I listen to when I'm in a bad mood). Funny enough, two songs that make me happy are by Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears. You know you like them too. Oh and anything by Rob Thomas.
4. A good movie/tv show. Just as nothing is as bad as a terrible movie, nothing is as good as an awesome movie.
5. Getting a good night's sleep. Sleep is gooooood.
6. A lot of things.
7. When people comment on my stuff. Thanks friends and family! You've done well!


  1. Oh my gosh, I totally won something the other day from one of the blogs I follow. $100 worth of "product" I don't even know what. I'm so excited to get it!
    And I won two boxes of cookies last month.
    Blogging rules!

  2. 1. I win! That's two years in a row man.
    2. Cracker Barrel! I love it so much. I miss our meals post boring tuesday night class.
    3. Rob Thomas is my hero. And there is only one good Britney song, but it's amazing. You know which one I mean.
    4. I watched the mist a couple nights ago. It gave me a nightmare.
    5. I didn't sleep well that night.
    6. You're lying.
    7. Commenting on blogs is fun when they are funny. Keep posting!