Friday, October 15, 2010

Why I'm not in a band...

Because those no good American Idol judges couldn't see talent even if it mooned them on the subway. American Idol was a good idea, maybe for the first two or three seasons. But it's been going on for what, 30, 40 seasons? You can't throw a rock without hitting an American Idol now (What are you doing throwing rocks anyway? That kind of behavior can get you in big trouble. One time, my brother threw a snowball with a rock inside it at me. He got grounded for like 2 weeks. All true, except it was actually me). With so many Idols saturating the music industry, it became ripe for infiltration by people with no musical ability. Listen to "Pretty Boy Swag" by Soulja Boy if you don't believe me (I'm pretty sure if I tried to make a career by calling myself "Soulja Boy" it would turn into "That Soldier Fellow"). And to show how not racist I am, watch the Ke$ha performances on Saturday Night Live from a few months ago. I'm pretty sure SNL's 4 remaining viewers switched over to "The Red Green Show" quicker than you could say "bottle of Jack." That performance was worse for the franchise than the MacGruber movie and It's Pat combined (Note to readers: I have not actually seen either movie. I just heard they were terrible, which is good enough for me!). Don't worry about missing your chance Hollywood, I'm fully prepared to criticize you later!
Back to actual music, here is a list of artists/groups that I am listening to:

1. Rob Thomas - He's cool. I have both of his solo albums.
2. Big Time Rush - They are a Nickelodeon boy band... but the songs are just so dang catchy!
3. Usher - Somehow he's managed to release like 6 albums in 2 months, or something.
4. Good Charlotte - Sometimes you have to kick it 2003 style, right?
5. Tokio Hotel - They are the coolest German pop/rock band in history. Google image search for Bill Kaulitz's hair and you'll see why.
These aren't the only ones, but it's all that I feel like posting for now. Adios amigos!

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  1. Like Britney, Usher has only one cool song (You got it bad). I don't own it either. I would buy it but I really just like the music video for this one dance move he does with the microphone stand.

    Oh and other than Rob Thomas, we don't really like the same music. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you don't like country music and I don't like Nickelodeon boy bands...